Breaking Down NetEnt Return to Player and How to Win

Are you always confusing the Return To Player to other features of slots? Read on to find out Netent Return To Player works in slots

NetEnt is a preferred choice for may players searching for high payout slot machines in the online casinos such as at . As part of the commitment for a peak customer experience, we break down the return to player percentage as applied by NetEnt. Are the RTP rates at NetEnt favorable? Learn more below.

What is Return to Player?

Ever wondered how online casinos make their profit? Well, it is through the return to player rate that an online casino makes its profit. What exactly is the return to player? It is the percentage of all the winnings that a player earns from the reels payable by the casino to the player such as at .

How exactly does the house make its profit? Well, the remainder of the return to player after all the winnings from the players forms part of the house advantage. Therefore, in case you plan to win large at the casino, you should target casino games that pack a high payout percentage with the RTP.

Do the Free Slots Game Have the Same RTP as Real Money Games?

Yes. Take for instance, at NetEnt each of the casino games by the provider comes with a free play version for players. In case you are playing a certain free slot game, it features the same return to player rate compared to real money games. Hence your winnings with the free games are the same with real money version.

Why is this possible? NetEnt aims as giving their players the same gambling experience whether playing the free version or when wagering with your real money at the online casino. Through the free version of the specific slot game, you can learn more about the game before proceeding to wager with your real money.


Can the RTP be Changed by NetEnt?

No. First off, all the casino games by NetEnt udnergo a thorough testing process before being approved to roll out to online casinos. The testing process includes ensuring that the game has fairness in terms of the outcomes of each round or spin of the reel. Certification is handed after passing through the testing process.

  • All games have a certification
  • Slot games have a free play version

Who does the testing and approval of these casino games? The testing process is done by the international regulatory bodies which the casino is a member of. For example, NetEnt is a member of the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. The regulatory bodies carry out regular checkups of slot machines to ensure they offer fair winning chances.

What Does Volatility of Slots?

With each of the casino games, there is a specific risk level associated in terms of winning or losing. This forms part of the volatility of the slot machines. The volatility is reflected in terms of a number which is calculated while using mathematical formulas. The number is a measure of how much a game varies with game winnings.

When it comes to volatile slots, they are divided into high volatile and low volatile slots. With high volatile slot machines, it presents high risk slot machines that have a large potential winning for players. With low volatile slots, it offers a low risk with the slot machines with small winnings over a period of time.

How to Win at NetEnt

NetEnt slots are a game of pure chance and does not depend on a strategy. This is because of the Random Number Generator, however you can still improve your winning chances. Start by selecting the slot machines that feature high payout percentages with the RTP rates for the players at the online casino.

Furthermore, try out with the free slots games to build your bankroll. Each of the casino games by NetEnt has a complementary free games which ensures you build your confidence with placing your wagers on the line. With free spins after singing up the site, you have high chances of increasing your winning potential with the various casino games.

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